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Portal Site for COVID-19

Portal site for COVID-19 helpful information is now open.



Be aware of this 5 situations that can increase the risk of contamination


1) Social gatherings involving alcohol

2) Groups of people eating and drinking together over a long period

3) Talking without a mask

4) Multiple people sharing a confined space

5) Socializing and smoking during work breaks




Request from Iga★Grio
How to protect yourself and othes from COVID-19!

from IGA★Grio







Support Information for COVID-19

Support Information for COVID-19

1) Support for single parent families
It is 50,000yen for a household, 30,000yen for the second child.
Households receiving child allowance in June do not need to apply and will be transferred in August.
In addition, people whose recent income has decreased also can apply. Please contact the following.
【Inquiries】Kodomo Mirai-ka Tel:0595-22-9654

2) Support for the basic water charge
The basic water charge is exempt from September to December. You will be billed for the water only you use.
【Inquiries】Jouge Suidoubu Eigyou-ka (Water and sewer services dept.)  Tel:0595-24-0003

3) Support for School Lunch
School lunch fee will be free from September to December at municipal elementary and junior high schools.

4) Gift Certificates
●The gift certificates for 8,000yen will be sold at 5,000yen.
You will get an exchange voucher from the City soon.
【Inquiries】Shoko Roudou-ka Tel:0595-22-9669
●Free gift certificates for 5,000 yen will be distributed to households with children attending the nurseries (Hoikusho or Hoikuen) in the city. The kindergartens (Youchien) is not applicable.
【Inquiries】Hoiku Youchien-ka Tel:0595-22-9655
●The gift certificates for the accommodation facilities are also available at 3,000yen for 5,000yen.
【Inquiries】Kankou Senryaku-ka Tel:0595-22-9669

5) Public Transportations
●People who win the lottery will get the public transportation tickets as the following. To apply, read the QR code on the Iga City bulletin of 1 August and answer the questionnaire.
・7,000 sets of transportation IC cards ・7,000 sets of Iga Railway one day free ticket
・1,000 sets of the municipal bus coupon
●Iga City will support 1/3 of school commuter pass purchase costs of Iga Railway.
【Inquiries】Kotsu Seisaku-ka Tel:0595-22-9663




Covid-19 subsidy

Covid-19 subsidy
Already made the application?
New coronavirus infectious disease as an emergency economic measure, we will pay 100,000 yen per person

Dou you have any question about the application?

◎ If you have any doubt about the documents or how to fill the form, please contact kiyufukinshitsu Iga at City hall.




Financial Support System for School-goers
Iga City can provide some financial support to those who have difficulties with school-related costs such as school meal fees, school materials etc. If you wish to access this support, you must apply for it. The support is only offered on an annual basis, so you have to apply for it every year. If you receive the support this year, you do not automatically receive it again next year.
* Support will not be available where it coincides with support available under welfare support.
Eligibility: Guardians of students enrolled in a municipal elementary or junior high school.
*Income thresholds apply.
Apply to: the school your child is enrolled in.
Payments: 3 times a year (July, December and March)

Enquires: Gakkou Kyouiku Division TEL 0595-47-1282 or your school



Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19), Iga

On March 10, a patient infected with the novel coronavirus was confirmed at the Iga City Public Health Center (Iga City, Nabari City area).

●If you or your relatives participate in the next concerts in Osaka, please call the Returnees and Contact Center (Iga Public Health Center).

Tel: 0595-24-8070

Feb 15,16 LiveHouseARC in Osaka, Kyobashi
Feb 19,23,24 Soap opera classics Umeda
Feb 18 Live House Rumio
Feb 21 Americamura FANJ twice

●In addition to events that have already been canceled or postponed, lending of public facilities in Iga City will stop until March 26.

●The schedule for elementary and junior high schools and after-school children's clubs has already been announced.

●In order to minimize the novel coronavirus outbreak, please prevent yourself with countermeasures same as for the seasonal flu.
The government calls on citizens to avoid “gathering in groups with many people and poor ventilation and for a long time”.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.



Guidelines for Consultation and Examination for the Novel Coronavirus

Guidelines for Consultation and Examination for the New Coronavirus Infectious Disease (From Mieinfo)

1 – Things to keep in mind before consultation and examination
(if you have a flu or other symptoms such as fever, etc.)
 Do not go to school or work as much as possible, and do not go outside.
 Take and record your temperature every day.

2 – Guidelines for consultation
 If the symptoms of a cold or if the fever of 37.5 degrees and above lasts for 4 days or more (Including when there was a need to take antipyretic medication).
 If you feel weak or having a hard time breathing.
 If you had just returned from a foreign country and feel unwell.

If you are a foreign resident and you fall into one of the categories written above, please consult the MieCo Consultation Support Center for Foreigners; Tel: 080-3300-8077(*Multi-language support)
From Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), 9am to 5pm.

Or consult the Returnees / Contact Center listed below
from 9am to 9pm:(*supported in Japanese only)
(calls are also accepted during Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

① Iga Health Center; Tel: 0595-24-8070
② Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Tel: 0120-565653
*For calls from 9pm to 9am the following day, contact Mie Emergency Medical Information Center; Tel: 059-229-1199

 In addition to wearing a mask when consulting a medical institution, please thoroughly wash your hands and mind your coughing etiquette (use a mask, tissue, handkerchief, or sleeve to hold your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing).

The updated information about the new coronavirus at Prefectural Office web site:
(*In Japanese language only)

 How to protect yourself;
- Frequently clean hands by using a soap and running water; especially
after going out, after coughing or before touching your mouth, nose
and eyes.
- When coughing and sneezing cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow
or tissue – throw tissue away immediately and wash hands.



Protect Your Family against Disasters




Haiku Class for your Homework

It is a good opportunity to compose Haiku with the instructor for your summer homework. After meeting at the center, go and walk around Ueno area with making poems. The interpreter will accompany you on this tour.

【Date】2 Aug, Fri.1330-15:30

【Venue】Meeting at Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center

【Belongings】Writing implements and drinks

【Target】Elementary and junior high school students


【Inquiries】Shimin Seikatsu-Ka Tel: 0595-22-9702


Prefectural Tax in Daily Life~When you purchase a car or a house~

There will be an explanation of the Pay-as-you-go financing plan and tax reduction procedure of automobile tax and real estate acquisition tax, or how the tax is used for peoplefrom other countries.

23 July, Tues AM9:00~10:30

Iga shi, Ueno-Higashi 2955

Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center


The recruitment of the 20-year-old to make your own ceremony in 2020

There will be the coming of Age Ceremony “Seijin Shiki” on the 12 January, Sunday, in Reiwa 2, 2020. We are recruiting the executive committee for the ceremony. You can apply the executive committee as a group with your friend.

【Eligibility】the 20-year-old who were born in between the 2 April, 1999 and the 1 April, 2000 and are able to attend the meeting at the following junior high school district; Suko, Midorigaoka, Ueno-Minami, Joto, Tsuge-Reihou, Ayama, Shimagahara, Oyamada and Aoyama.

【Period】Between August in 2019 and the 12 January in 2020
【Member】3-5 members for each district
【Details】Attend the each district meeting held once a month to design and prepare the ceremony and help to conduct it on the day of ceremony
【How to apply】Contact the following section with your name, address, birthday and telephone number.
【Deadline】the 30 June, Sunday
【Inquiries】Shogai Gakushu Ka Tel:0595-22-9679 E-mail:







Iga-Ueno Ninja Festa

Click this button to find the information of "Iga-Ueno NINJA Festa".



Donation / Reception of the School Uniforms

We wish and celebrate for healthy growth and happiness for children, especially for young girls on March 3, the Doll Festival Day, in Japan. On that day, we eat some traditional dishes like particular Sushi. Also in Iga Ueno downtown area, the shops display Hina Dolls in their storefront.
Let’s take a quick tour to view their display and after that, make and enjoy the decorative sushi rolls for Hinamatsuri!

【Date】 March 3,2019, 10:00am – 2:00pm
【Venue】 Fureai Plaza 4th floor, the Cooking room
【Cost】 300yen(Over the elementary school students)
【Capacity】 First 20
【Please Bring】
An apron, a triangular bandage, a dish towel
if you have, a bamboo mat for making sushi-roll named MAKISU (size about 30cm x 30cm) and a doggie box
【Application】 January 25, Friday – February 22, Friday
Make a reservation on the phone.




The New City Hall will Open in January, 2019

◆The service at the new City Hall will start up on January 4, 2019.
Address: 3184 Shijuku-cho, Iga-shi


Shimin Seikatsu Ka on the second floor has the interpreters in Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

The floor plan of the new City Hall is as follows.
1F Koseki Jumin-Ka, Hoken Nenkin-Ka, Suito Shitsu
2F Kazei-Ka, Shuzei-Ka, Hoiku Youchien-Ka,
Kodomo Mirai-Ka
3F Sangyo Shinko-Bu, Gakko Kyouiku-Ka, Jutaku-Ka
4F Somu-Bu, Zaimu-Bu, Kikaku Shinko-Bu,
Sogo Kiki Kanri-Ka
5F The Council Chamber, The Council Office

Application procedures for registrar (Koseki), Insurance and Pension (Hoken Nenkin) will be processed at the general reception desk on the first floor after taking the number tag.


◆”Machinaka Service Counter”
The service counter at Haitopia will start up on January 4 on the second floor of Haitopia building. The documents that can be delivered here are as follows.
・A copy of a family register / removal
・A copy of the ballot of the family register
・An identification
・A copy of residence card
・A certificate of items to be written in the resident card
・A seal registration certificate
・A certificate of Income, taxation, complete payment and tax payment
Please be noted that there is a possibility of delivery at a later date if there are incompleteness in the application documents or the application is extremely crowded.


◆All of the municipal parking lot around the present City Hall will be charged since January 4.
 【Time】From 8:00am to 5:00pm
 【Fee】 \500 /one time


◆The course and schedule of Ueno Community Bus “Shirasagi” will be updated since January 1.
-The two new bus stop will be located, “Iga Siyakusho (Iga City Hall)” “Shijuku Higashi(East)”.
-The three bus stop will be eliminated,“Kumihimo Center”“Ken Iga Chosha”“Higashi Shogakko Minamiguchi”.
-The new schedule will be delivered on the web site and at the City Hall and the branches, Ueno Sogo Municipal Hospital and Mie Kotsu at Haitopia.


Please attend the Coming of Age Ceremony, celebration being 20 years old

The Coming of Age Ceremony is one of the important ceremonies in Japan to celebrate being 20 years old on The Coming of Age Day. To celebrate the people who became 20 years old, we will have the Coming of Age Ceremony in Iga City. People who are 20 years old, please attend the ceremony to celebrate your Coming of Age and confirm the responsibility and obligation as an adult. On December, those who are eligible will receive the post card to invite you to attend the ceremony. If you live out of Iga now, you will not get the invitation but you can attend the ceremony with your IDs such as the health insurance certificate or the driver’s license.
This is a kind of formal occasions but you don’t have to wear formal dress, tuxedo, or Japanese Kimono. Please come with moderately formal wear or the tie and jacket.
【Date】January 13, Sunday, 11:30- (open at 11:00)
【Venue】Venues in each district shown on the invitation post card, or make an inquiry if you don’t find your venue.
【Eligibility】Those who were born between April 2, 1998 and April 1, 1999.

【Inquiries】Shogai Gakushu Ka Sec. Tel 0595-22-9679



The Coming of Age Ceremony, celebration being 20 years old

The Coming of Age Ceremony is one of the important ceremonies in Japan to celebrate being 20 years old on The Coming of Age Day. To celebrate the people who became 20 years old, we will have the Coming of Age Ceremony in Iga City. People who are 20 years old, please attend the ceremony to celebrate your Coming of Age and confirm the responsibility and obligation as an adult. On December, those who are eligible will receive the post card to invite you to attend the ceremony. If you live out of Iga now, you will not get the invitation but you can attend the ceremony with your IDs such as the health insurance certificate or the driver’s license.
This is a kind of formal occasions but you don’t have to wear formal dress, tuxedo, or Japanese Kimono. Please come with moderately formal wear or the tie and jacket.
【Date】January 13, Sunday, 11:30- (open at 11:00)
【Venue】Venues in each district shown on the invitation post card, or make an inquiry if you don’t find your venue.
【Eligibility】Those who were born between April 2, 1998 and April 1, 1999.
【Inquiries】Shogai Gakushu Ka Sec. Tel 0595-22-9679


Protect Yourself against Disasters Using our Hazard Map

Do you know about the “Iga City Flood Hazard Map”?
This map shows the range and the depth of floods that are predicted, assuming that the Kizu River, Hattori River, Tsuge river overflow. It shows floods on a color-coded basis. In addition, information on evacuation center locations and sediment-related disaster warning areas, etc. is on it. The “Iga City Flood Hazard Map” is distributed by the Iga City Hall, Comprehensive Crisis Management Division (Sogo Kiki Kanri Ka section). It is in friendly Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. Please check that your house is not located in a dangerous place.


How to use the “Iga City Flood Hazard Map”


1) Check the location of your house and find flood area at the time of flooding.
2) Check for some shelters near your house and an evacuation route.
✅ Where is the nearest shelter to your house?
✅ Find several different routes from your house to the shelter.
✅ Find how far the distance is and how long it will take to get to the shelter.
✅ Investigate the flooding possibility on the route to the shelter.
3) Take an actually walk on the evacuation route with your family to check its safety.
✅ Are there any dangerous spots on the way to the shelter, like ditches without covers, manholes, reservoirs, rivers and waterways, steep slopes and cliffs, roads without street lights, underpasses and so on?

✅ Is there any marker at a high position such as a signal or a signboard that can be checked even if there is flooding on your evacuation route.


●●●Now, let’s hurry to the city hall and get “the Hazard Map”!●●●



Summer Events 2018
Event Tanabata -the star Festival- Decoration Haiku Class in Summer Vacation Japanese Manner and Tea Ceremony
for Children
Date July 27, Friday August 19, Sunday August 22, Wednesday
Time 13:00 – 16:00 13:00 – 16:00 10:30 – 12:30
Venue Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center Meeting at Haitopia 5F Haitopia 5F, Washitsu room
Details Let’s make the magnificent Tanabata decoration on a three meter bamboo grass to decorate at Ginza-dori street.
Children who participated will be treated the shaved ice for free.
After setting it up at Ginza-dori street, they will take a commemorative picture of us all
It is too good an opportunity to compose Haiku poems with an instructor on the Day of Haiku, August 19. After meeting at Haitpia 5F, Dai-Kenshu-shitsu room, go and walk around Haiseiden at Ueno Koen Park with making Haiku poems. Portuguese interpreter will accompany you on this tour.
The belongings: writing implements, a water bottle, rain gear, towel, and hat
Through Japanese Tea Ceremony, children can experience and learn Japanese manners like “bowing” and “greeting” on the tatami mat room. Of course, you can enjoy a bowl of Maccha tea and beautiful Japanese sweets.
The Fee: 500yen
The belongings: a pair of socks, preferably white
Eligible Person Anyone Elementary and Junior High School Students Kindergarten – Junior High School Students
Apply by By July 26, Thursday By July 19, Thursday August 17, Friday
Capacity 10 persons

5 persons

10 persons

Why don’t you join and enjoy our summer events?
Waiting for your participation in advance!



Prefectual housing applications now open

Application period: from 5 to 31 of January.
Basic information regarding prefectural housing (location, layout, rent, etc.), information regarding application procedures and other details will be available at the website below:
*Information on eligibility criteria and prefectural housing rules and regulations can also be found at the website below:
*All information provided is in Japanese only
To be eligible to apply for this housing, you must meet the following requirements:
①Reside or work in Mie.

②Be in need of housing.
③Are up to date in your tax payments.
④If you have been living in public housing, you do not have any outstanding bills or payments (rent, parking fee etc.).
⑤Plan to live with family members (including boyfriend, girlfriend).
⑥Have an income within the required bracket to live in public housing. ⑦Have two guarantors.
Application forms can be found in any municipal office. Ask for “ken’ei juutaku no moushikomi sho”
Current vacancies in Iga is as follows: Kine 1

Inquiries: Chusei Bloc TEL: 059-221-6171


Municipal Housing

Application Period: January 15~ 22  09:00 ~ 17:00 

※ If you post your application, it must arrive by January 22

Lottery: The lottery will take place on the 1st of March from 9:30am, at Ayama Hokenn Fukushi Center .

Location Number Available

Kawai Danchi 3 home(Child rearing support)

Kaminosyou Danchi 1 home

Kine Danchi 1home

Araki Danchi 2home (inc. 1 of which is marked for priority housing)

* If you are not present when the lottery begins, your name will be removed from the list. Please do not be late.

Applications, Enquiries:Kenchiku Jutaku Ka TEL 0595-43-2330

Please send your completed application, or direct any enquiries to 518-1395 Iga-shi, Baba 1128,Iga-shi

Kenchiku Jutaku Ka TEL 0595-43-2330



Japanese Culture Workshop

Japanese flower arrangement especially for New Year’s will decorate your house gorgeously during the holiday season.

In this workshop, you can make your own flower arrangement and bring it back to your home to decorate with your favorite vase.
Also you can learn about “Otoshidama” and “Noshibukuro”.

【Date】December 28, 2017, Thursday 13:00~14:30
【Place】Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center
【Fee】 1,000yen
【Capacity】 The first 6 persons 
【Belongings】 Work gloves
Flower bags
Bring, if you have the following:
Flower scissors
Vase(Depth 6 cm, Diameter 20 cm)
【How to apply】Make a reservation call or visit by December 22, Friday.


Signing up for After School Club

The After School club is for children whose parents are not yet at home after school ends. Instead, they can join the after school club where professional staff look after them.

【Application period】
10th November - 30thNovember, 15:00~18:00 (weekdays only)

Elementary school students (priority given to lower grade students)

8,000 yen a month.For longer periods of time such as the winter or summer vacations, prices will change.
*If there is a large number of applicants, your child may not be guranteed a place.
Apply to:The After School Clubs directly.

Kodomo Mirai Ka Tel: 0595-22-9677


Let's enjoy picture books in various languages

We read picture books of Japanese and the foreign languages at the "Ohanashi no Kai".


【Date & Time】October 28th, Saturday 10:30-11:00
【Place】Ueno Municipal Library 2F, ShichouKaku Shitu room
【Languages】 Portuguese, Spanish, English, Japanese and etc.

【Inquiries】Ueno Municipal Library Tel 0595-21-6868


Nursery School Enrollment Details for 2018

If you want to enroll your child in Nursery school from next year, be register as follows.
Who is eligible? All children living in Iga between the ages of 0 (no younger than 56s days old) and 5 who fulfill the Nursery school entry requirements. Please contact us for further details on these entry requirements. Even if you wish to enroll your child after the start of the year (after May), you must still register at this time.

Registration Period: 16th – 31st October, 08:30 – 17:00 (weekdays only)
Enrollment forms will be available from October 5th at HoikuYouchien Ka in City Hall, any of the
City Hall branch offices or any of the Nursery schools in Iga.
Submit your enrollment to your first Nursery school of choice.



Oct.8: Iga International Exchange Festival

In October 8th, we will close Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center for the Iga International Festival.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the festival.



The Iga International Exchange Festival 2017 will be held at Toretateichi Hizokko. There will be booths selling craft goods and delicious food, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Philippine, China and Japan.
On the stage, there will be dance performance. You can dance with them.
There will be also the Cultural Exchange Corner that you can answer many world questions, wear national costume and Pinata from Mie Pref. multicultural experience booth.
【Date】October 8th Sunday, 10:00am-3:00pm    【Place】Toretateichi Hizokko : 1-1 Hiranonishi-machi, Iga-shi




The Celebration Fireworks

The Ueno Tenjin Festival which has long history more than 400 years and has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Site last year will be held between October 20th Friday and 22nd Sunday this year at Ueno Ginza area.

To celebrate this registration, the fireworks festival will also take place.
【Date】October 14th, Saturday (will be postponed until October 15th in the event of rain)
【Place】In front of the Ueno Undo Koen Park
【Traffic Restriction】The area will be closed to traffic since 3:00pm

【Inquiries】Iga-shimin Shukuga Hanabi Taikai Executive Committee (in Ueno Chamber of Commerce) Tel:0595-21-0527



Kindergarten Enrollment Details for 2018

If you would like to enroll your child in a municipal Kindergarten from next year, please register as follows.

Kindergarten Grade Birthday Places
TOUSEI NO OKA YOUTIEN 1st yr (5yrs old) Born 2nd Apr '12– Apr 1st '13 37
桃青の丘幼稚園 2nd yr (4yrs old) Born 2nd Apr '13 – Apr 1st '14 50
Tel: 26-5770 3rd yr (3yrs old) Born 2nd Apr '14 – Apr 1st '15 40
Eligibility:Infants living in Iga as of April 1st 2018.

Registration Period: 19th September – 5th October, 08:30 – 17:00 (weekdays only)
Enrollment forms will be available at the Kindergarten.
How to apply: Complete the enrollment form and submit it directly to the Kindergarten.
Fees: 6400 yen a month (no enrollment fee required).
If the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, applicants will be chosen by lottery.
Enquiries: Tousei no Oka Youchien    

Tel 0595-26-5770   

FAX 0595-26-5771

There are also private Kindergartens which are accepting enrollments.
Please contact the kindergarten directly for details.

Hakuho Kindergarten

Tel 0595-21-0091

3rd Grade 25

2nd Grade a few places.


Aoyama Yosami Kindergarten

Tel 0595-52-0433

3rd Grade 20

2nd Grade a few places

1st Grade a few places


New Facebook Page

Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center is publishing new FACEBOOK page.
Please visit and click “Like” to follow us on Facebook.


Public Offices, Banks Remain Open during Obon

Banks and public offices such as city hall will remain open during the summer holiday period of Obon (August 14 and 15), when employees in the private sector are on vacation. If there is paperwork or other procedures you have been unable to carry out because of your busy daily schedule, take advantage of these days to catch up on them.

Fireworks and Summer Festival

Tuesday 15th August

“Oyamada Furusato Summer Festival”
Time:From 18:00 (fireworks from 20:30)
Venue: Seseragi Park

Sunday 20 August

“Nigiwai Festa 2016”
Time: 12:00 - 21:00
Venue: Ginza Doori, Honmachi Doori


Pool Openings

○Ueno Undo Koen Pool 

22 July – 20 Aug

10:00 – 16:00

※Closed on 26 July and 2&9 August.


○Ayama, Oyamada B &G Kaiyo Centres 

8 July – 27 Aug

09:00 – 22:00

※Oyamada will b e closed every Monday (apart from Monday 17 July).

※Ayama will be closed every Tuesday.

※All three pools may change their opening times depending on water quality, weather conditions etc.


【Price】Adult: 300 yen, Junior High & below 150 yen, Infants 50 yen.

※Children second grade or below must be accompanied by an adult.


Mie International Week

We will introduce the participating countries on Ise-Shima Summit last year till June 4.
Also we will have Reading hour of a picture book on May 28, Sun, 14:00-15:00.
We are looking forward to seeing many children!
Please stop by the Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center.



Change of the Interpreter Schedule

Please note the day of the Interpreter will change as follows from May 1.

Thank you for your understanding and visiting in advance.


Portuguese Wed.&Fri. 9:00~17:00
Spanish Tue.& 2nd Sun 9:00~15:30
Chinese Thu. & 4th Sun 9:00~16:30
English Mon.Wed.Fri. & 4th Sun. 9:00~16:00



Graduation and Matriculation Ceremonies
In Japan, graduation and matriculation ceremonies take place in March and April. These are formal, celebratory occasions and there are certain rules of ettiquette when attending as a parent or guardian. Be sure to turn your phone off or put it on silent mode before the ceremony begins. Also, do not wear clothing that is too flashy. The most important people in the ceremony are the children, so the parents do not have to show off.
For graduation ceremonies, black or navy is common, and for matriculations navy or grey are common. As much as possible it is a good idea to wear formal clothing.
Avoiding excessive jewelry is also recommended and wearing only necessary rings (e.g. wedding ring) is seen as the most fashionable.
The Doll’s Festival of Iga Ueno castle town



The consultation event of rental houses 

The consultation event will be held for the people who need help finding a rental house around Iga-shi, like a senior citizen, a person with disability, a foreign citizen, and a child-rearing household.
Please feel free to visit and have a talk.
【Time】27th January, 2017, Fri. 13:00-16:00
【Venue】Ueno Fureai Plaza 3F Meetingroom, Chu-kaigishitsu
【Consultant】Iga-shi social welfare council, Realtor, Prefectural and City officials
【Inquiry】Kenchiku-Jutaku Ka ☎ 43-2330 FAX43-2332
Iga-shi social welfare council  ☎ 21-5866
Mie Pref. Kendoseibi Bu, Jutaku Ka ☎ 059-224-2720