Summer Events 2018

Event Tanabata -the star Festival- Decoration Haiku Class in Summer Vacation Japanese Manner and Tea Ceremony
for Children
Date July 27, Friday August 19, Sunday August 22, Wednesday
Time 13:00 – 16:00 13:00 – 16:00 10:30 – 12:30
Venue Iga-shi Tabunka Kyousei Center Meeting at Haitopia 5F Haitopia 5F, Washitsu room
Details Let’s make the magnificent Tanabata decoration on a three meter bamboo grass to decorate at Ginza-dori street.
Children who participated will be treated the shaved ice for free.
After setting it up at Ginza-dori street, they will take a commemorative picture of us all
It is too good an opportunity to compose Haiku poems with an instructor on the Day of Haiku, August 19. After meeting at Haitpia 5F, Dai-Kenshu-shitsu room, go and walk around Haiseiden at Ueno Koen Park with making Haiku poems. Portuguese interpreter will accompany you on this tour.
The belongings: writing implements, a water bottle, rain gear, towel, and hat
Through Japanese Tea Ceremony, children can experience and learn Japanese manners like “bowing” and “greeting” on the tatami mat room. Of course, you can enjoy a bowl of Maccha tea and beautiful Japanese sweets.
The Fee: 500yen
The belongings: a pair of socks, preferably white
Eligible Person Anyone Elementary and Junior High School Students Kindergarten – Junior High School Students
Apply by By July 26, Thursday By July 19, Thursday August 17, Friday
Capacity 10 persons

5 persons

10 persons

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