This is the information for Ninja Festa 2017. Thank you for your waiting for the information on 2018.

The Iga-Ueno NINJA Festa

Apr.1-May 7, 2017

Turn in to a Ninja!

At the Ninja Henshin Dokoro (the Ninja makeover station), you can turn into a Ninja.
All sizes of Ninja costumes are available from children to adults.
1,000yen or over per person

The following are the 11 stations where you can dress up as a Ninja.
The biggest Ninja makeover station on weekends is in Haitopia Building (in front of Ueno-shi Station).
The" numbers" are shown on the map.

::: The Ninja makeover stations list :::

Train as a Ninja!

There are six DOJOs where you can train to be a Ninja.
They can be found at the Iga-Ueno downtown area on weekends.


First: Get the SHUGYO-NO-SHO which is the Book of the Ninja training.
It costs 1,000yen including 500yen coupon, called DOFU, available at the Ninja makeover stations,the DOJOs or the sponsorship stores.
Even if you don’t buy this book, you can try each activitiy with 200yen at each DOJO.

Second: The SHUGYO-NO-SHO (Book of the Ninja training) will be available during the Festa, so you can visit the DOJOs in one day or several days.
Wearing the Ninja costume and going around the DOJOs by train, between Nishi-Ote Station and Kaya-machi Station, you can get on it for free.

At last: Get a Ninja certificate after you complete the training.
Besides the Ninja training activities, some of Ninja facilities will give you the bonus score for the grade. The Ninja costume, Iga Ninja Museum, Danjiri Museum, Ueno Castle and Iga Railway can give you 10 bonus score each.


::: The Ninja training DOJO list :::

The 15th Anniversary Instagram

Post your photos to the 15th Anniversary Instagram campaign of th NINJA Festa.

Follow @igauenoninjafesta
Tweet with #ninjafesta2017

Application Requirements:
They must be shot during the Festa. (Apr.-May 7)
They must be shot in the Festa.
They must dress up as a Ninja.

You may get a gorgeous prize!