Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19), Iga

On March 10, a patient infected with the novel coronavirus was confirmed at the Iga City Public Health Center (Iga City, Nabari City area).

●If you or your relatives participate in the next concerts in Osaka, please call the Returnees and Contact Center (Iga Public Health Center).

Tel: 0595-24-8070

Feb 15,16 LiveHouseARC in Osaka, Kyobashi
Feb 19,23,24 Soap opera classics Umeda
Feb 18 Live House Rumio
Feb 21 Americamura FANJ twice

●In addition to events that have already been canceled or postponed, lending of public facilities in Iga City will stop until March 26.

●The schedule for elementary and junior high schools and after-school children's clubs has already been announced.

●In order to minimize the novel coronavirus outbreak, please prevent yourself with countermeasures same as for the seasonal flu.
The government calls on citizens to avoid “gathering in groups with many people and poor ventilation and for a long time”.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.