Prefectual housing applications now open

Application period: from 5 to 31 of January.
Basic information regarding prefectural housing (location, layout, rent, etc.), information regarding application procedures and other details will be available at the website below:
*Information on eligibility criteria and prefectural housing rules and regulations can also be found at the website below:
*All information provided is in Japanese only
To be eligible to apply for this housing, you must meet the following requirements:
①Reside or work in Mie.

②Be in need of housing.
③Are up to date in your tax payments.
④If you have been living in public housing, you do not have any outstanding bills or payments (rent, parking fee etc.).
⑤Plan to live with family members (including boyfriend, girlfriend).
⑥Have an income within the required bracket to live in public housing. ⑦Have two guarantors.
Application forms can be found in any municipal office. Ask for “ken’ei juutaku no moushikomi sho”
Current vacancies in Iga is as follows: Kine 1

Inquiries: Chusei Bloc TEL: 059-221-6171