Support Information for COVID-19

Support Information for COVID-19

1) Support for single parent families
It is 50,000yen for a household, 30,000yen for the second child.
Households receiving child allowance in June do not need to apply and will be transferred in August.
In addition, people whose recent income has decreased also can apply. Please contact the following.
【Inquiries】Kodomo Mirai-ka Tel:0595-22-9654

2) Support for the basic water charge
The basic water charge is exempt from September to December. You will be billed for the water only you use.
【Inquiries】Jouge Suidoubu Eigyou-ka (Water and sewer services dept.)  Tel:0595-24-0003

3) Support for School Lunch
School lunch fee will be free from September to December at municipal elementary and junior high schools.

4) Gift Certificates
●The gift certificates for 8,000yen will be sold at 5,000yen.
You will get an exchange voucher from the City soon.
【Inquiries】Shoko Roudou-ka Tel:0595-22-9669
●Free gift certificates for 5,000 yen will be distributed to households with children attending the nurseries (Hoikusho or Hoikuen) in the city. The kindergartens (Youchien) is not applicable.
【Inquiries】Hoiku Youchien-ka Tel:0595-22-9655
●The gift certificates for the accommodation facilities are also available at 3,000yen for 5,000yen.
【Inquiries】Kankou Senryaku-ka Tel:0595-22-9669

5) Public Transportations
●People who win the lottery will get the public transportation tickets as the following. To apply, read the QR code on the Iga City bulletin of 1 August and answer the questionnaire.
・7,000 sets of transportation IC cards ・7,000 sets of Iga Railway one day free ticket
・1,000 sets of the municipal bus coupon
●Iga City will support 1/3 of school commuter pass purchase costs of Iga Railway.
【Inquiries】Kotsu Seisaku-ka Tel:0595-22-9663